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Our Enthusiastic Team

Vishaka Tamang

Founder - MD

Our Visionary Leader - Vishaka Tamang

We're proud to introduce the driving force behind Easy Transport Nepal, Vishaka Tamang. As the Founder and Managing Director, Vishaka's dynamic leadership has steered the company towards unparalleled success in the vehicle rental and tour industry.

Under her guidance, Easy Transport Nepal has become synonymous with reliability and excellence, offering top-notch services in car rental, jeep rental, van rental, and bus rental.

Not just confined to land, Vishaka's vision extends to the skies as she's also the Founder of Easy Helicopter Nepal, a premier helicopter tour agency. Her dedication to providing unique and unforgettable travel experiences is evident in every aspect of our services.

A trailblazer in her own right, Vishaka is a young, dynamic entrepreneur breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Her commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has set Easy Transport Nepal apart as a leader in the travel and transportation sector.

Join us in celebrating Vishaka Tamang's unwavering commitment to making travel easy, enjoyable, and memorable for all our valued customers.

Suman Thapa

Services Coordinator

Services Coordinator - Suman Thapa

Suman Thapa, our Services Coordinator at Easy Transport Nepal. With an innate passion for ensuring seamless experiences, Suman plays a pivotal role in coordinating our array of services, from car rentals to tour packages.

Suman is your go-to person for all your service-related needs. Whether it's arranging the perfect vehicle for your journey or tailoring a tour package to suit your preferences, his dedication to customer satisfaction shines through.

Behind the scenes, Suman works tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of your travel with Easy Transport Nepal is smooth, efficient, and exceeds your expectations. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence make him an integral part of our customer-centric approach.

Join us in appreciating Suman Thapa's efforts in making your travel experiences with Easy Transport Nepal truly exceptional. Your journey is his priority, and he ensures that every mile with us is memorable.

Samir Silwal


Meet Samir Silwal, our Navigator of Excellence

Samir Silwal, the Manager at Easy Transport Nepal, is the driving force behind our commitment to excellence. With a rich background in logistics, Samir ensures that every aspect of our operations is finely tuned for your satisfaction.

As our strategic leader, Samir's precision and dedication make your transport experience not just smooth but exceptional. His hands-on approach and customer-centric focus guarantee that Easy Transport Nepal goes the extra mile for you.

Samir Silwal, where every journey is a story of reliability, efficiency, and a touch of excellence. Your satisfaction is his priority, making every ride with Easy Transport Nepal a seamless adventure.

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